Growing Job Opportunities in Connecticut - : How Can I Build The Stepping Stones For Success With Tai Lopez Programs?


Tai Lopez is a prominent internet personality who shares advice on health, love, wealth and happiness with millions of people through his podcasts and book club. He is an advisor, partner or investor in more than 20 multimillion dollar companies. Right from an early age, Tai began seeking the secrets for a GOOD LIFE by experimenting with his own life. His passion for reading made him read thousands of books by historical figures such as Aristotle, Gandhi, Darwin, Sam Walton, Charlie Munger, Will Durant, Confucius and countless others.

In his quest for a fulfilled life, he lived with the Amish for over two years, helped a leper colony in India and worked with Joel Salatin to build Polyface Farms where grass-fed, sustainable agriculture was pioneered. Tai Lopez then joined college, but eventually dropped out. He was penniless, completely broke and ended up sleeping on his mother's couch. It was then that he talked five successful entrepreneurs into mentioning him, and his life took a U-turn shortly afterwards.

He eventually became a Certified Finance Planner and had an illustrious career in the world of finance before he finally settled in Hollywood Hills. In addition to appearing on countless television and radio shows, Tai voiced his ideas at various global universities like the University of Southern California and The London Business School. He also created some of the most viewed podcasts and a YouTube channel on The Grand Theory Of Everything.

67 Steps Towards A Life Of Success

tai lopez 67 steps reviewRecently, Tai Lopez summarized everything that life taught him and presented it in the form a book called 67 STEPS. As the name suggests, it contains 67 simple steps that anyone can follow to achieve a fulfilled life. Studies have pointed out that it takes just 66 days for an average individual to set a goal and realize it, and so, Tai chose the number 67.

Whether you want to find love, uplift yourself from absolute poverty or get into shape, these 67 steps will help you reach there. According to Lopez, success in any aspect of life needs three things: knowledge, strategy and execution. In the book, he makes you understand how they can be applied to your life in a step-by-step manner. You can access its content with a monthly membership of $67. Once you've got all 67 steps, you can move on to an advanced product called the Accelerator.

The Accelerator Program

This an advanced program from Tai Lopez with the following benefits.

1. Free access to everything Lopez has created till date, called THE VAULT.
2. Counselling from Tai Lopez's consultant on setting a goal in your life.
3. Direct access to Tai via advanced business calls where you get a chance to ask questions and he gives elaborate answers.

The Accelerator provides a more personal and intense experience to people that loved the 67 STEPS. Moreover, not more than 300 individuals are let into the program, at a time. So, the overall experience feels more personal. You also get valuable lessons on personal finance which help you achieve financial freedom. In addition, you get lessons on building a business, convincing people and selling them your products or services.